Feel the joy of a plant based life

Choosing a plant based life means choosing to be kind to yourself and to the environment around you. Today, more people like you are wanting to make a positive difference.

Over 33of the UK is already doing their part

Join the people of the UK who are increasing their intake of plant-based alternatives and reaping the benefits.

Be kind to your heart

A balanced diet with more
plant-based food can
make a big difference

Plants have protein too!

You can be vegan and still get all the
nutrients you need. Many natural foods,
including lentils, chickpeas and green peas
contain a high amount of protein,
essential for growth and repair.

Maintain healthy Cholesterol Levels

Pulses are full of nutrients
and are great for keeping those
pesky cholesterol levels in

Smaller carbon footprint

CO2 emissions for a vegetarian diet are 2.5 times lower
than animal-based diets.

Conserve water

On average, a chicken breast uses over
542 litres of water to produce. Switching
to a vegetarian diet will save water.

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